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Lotus Sutra Lecture 2021

December 23, 2021 RKINA Season 2 Episode 10
RKINA - Buddhism For Today - Rissho Kosei-Kai International of North America
Lotus Sutra Lecture 2021
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Actualize Your Inner Potential by Modeling the Lotus Sutra’s Bodhisattvas

How often do you read, recite and study the applicational section of the Lotus Sutra? Even the most devoted practitioners of the Lotus Sutra and those very familiar with its teachings often neglect the final chapters of the text. However, because they personify the inherent powers of our buddha nature, emulating the bodhisattvas of the applicational section of the Lotus Sutra is indispensable to liberating ourselves and others from suffering and aspiring to the highest awakening. Join me for an exploration of modeling ourselves on the bodhisattvas of the Lotus Sutra to manifest our inner potential.

Dominick Scarangello obtained his PhD from the University of Virginia  2012.  His interests include Lotus Sutra Buddhism in East Asia, Japanese religions, and religion and modernity.  Dr. Scarangello has taught at the University of Virginia and was the Postdoctoral Scholar in Japanese Buddhism at the University of California, Berkeley (2013-2014).  Presently he is the International Advisor to Rissho Kosei-kai and coordinator of the International Lotus Sutra Seminar.

The Lotus Sutra Lecture is an annual Rissho Kosei-kai International North American event, open to the public.   This lecture can also watch this lecture on YouTube at the RKINABuddhism channel.

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Mythic Visions of Our Ancestors
Loss of Spiritual Imagination
Symbolic Persona in Applicational Section
RK's Mindfulness of the Bodhisattvas as Models
Mental Image of the Sound Regarder
Imaginal Space
Hillman: "In the Beginning, There was the Image"
Scientific Revolution
Participatory Knowing
Lotus Sutra: Personification in the Form of Bodhisattvas
Imaginal vs. Imagination
Thirst For Mythical Stories
Faith Frame
True Liberation
Practical Application
Thirty Three Categories of People
Images of Sound Regarder
Question / Comment 1
Question / Comment 2
Question / Comment 3
Question / Comment 4
Question / Comment 5
Question / Comment 6
Question / Comment 7
Question / Comment 8
Reverend Takashi Yoshizawa